Saturday, May 24, 2014

0604-1204 ✈ Hong Kong Foodsss

So this was actually the random last meal we had in Hk Airport! I really have a serious obsession with Hk's porridge, all of them taste like superb!!!! I just couldn't resist any! Love the creamy texture and the scent of the Zok! 

 Hmmmmm... Looks weird and it tasted weird too. Supposed to be Hk Chee Cheong Fun, but it turns out nothing similar to it. 
Somehow taste like fat kuey teow with some weird sauce on it.

This 牛利蘇 is totally a bomb!!!
I guess it is same as 花煎(huaji) but then with a different name. 
Seriously me and mum went crazy and thinking to bring some back to Pg XD

Having 咖喱鱼蛋 & 鸡蛋仔! 
Apparently a MUST in Hk!

This was the random stall that we passed by. 
Always wanted to try the 牛杂 but couldn't because non of my family members want to give a try... So so so I couldn't because I'm sure I could not finish one big bowl of that :(

My kinda "bad impression" towards hkongese started right in the timing when I was trying take a picture of this stall, and the worker/owner yelled at me and make me stunned for a few second...... ———— feeling what the .___.
 I was just trying to take some pictures and I felt being treat as a robber or what lol

For sure I did not manage to grab any picture of the stall at last, until I found out my dad has "successfully" took a few pictures at the time we're ordering. Means I damn suey or what?

Okay I accept it as a CULTURE they have.. :/


I would always like to visit to other countries' KFC, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut and so on to discover on the special items they have!

I just love their egg tartsssssssss! Throwback to Thailand trip I would grab their egg tarts at least at least twice! The newly discovered chachos were surprisingly good!!!

This was also one of the random stepped in, their foods are all good especially the 猪扒包 that made me crazy into! Very juicy pork patty!

Monday, May 5, 2014

0604-1204 ✈ Hong Kong 太平山

It was a sunny day heading up to Victoria Peak! 
Victoria Peak and The Sky Terrace 428 is the highest 360 degree viewing platform in Hong Kong! Definitely the greatest experience up to the top of the hill to enjoy the breathtaking view!

The overall travel time up to the peak by the Peak Tram was only 10 to 15 minutes if not mistaken. We arrived quite early at about noon time, and leave around evening for the next destination planned. As for the next visit, I would prefer to stay longer to enjoy the vibrant view of the Hong Kong city at night! That would be awesome I guess!

Selfie while on the way up to the peak! In the tram.

Selfie with my beloved family!

Can be said as the MUST POSE while travelling :'D
We almost took jumping scene(Walking in the air scene) everywhere we went!


 Tick as a must-visit for Hong Kong!  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

0604-1204 ✈ Hong Kong 香港仔鱼蛋粉

What I can conclude that dining in restaurants in Hk, 'every foods are like fast foods'
They work super fast and foods that you ordered will be served in less than 5 minutes! Faster than fast food right!! Even our Mcd here will have to wait up to 15 minutes sometimes :/
A tip for all is to be clear of what you want to order, then only ask for ordering, to avoid people waiting and hmmm... they will started to be impatient........

Our first day dinner @ 香港仔鱼蛋粉 once we arrived in this hectic city!

The 炸鱼皮 are super nice!!!!!!!! I can have them everyday!

Selfie with satisfying-looking sis

Foods there were not bad with a very big portion! Four of us zhun zhun managed to finish 3 mains and one side dish. 

0604-1204 ✈ Hong Kong

Here goes my first trip to Hong Kong! 
Months ago, we were actually on the way planning to Taiwan, but suddenly dad hits with the idea of visiting Hk first as he always have to travel to Hk for business purpose! So we will have less research to do! 
For the first impression of Hk, to me, would be the speed of the pace of life that leads them far away from us, moreover with nice foods, rude people, taxi and hongkong tramways will be a must!
Obviously that was what I think before I step in, but once I did, my thought was kinda maintain but to be more emphasize on..... rude people(you won't know until you met fussy people)............ still a beautiful city though!! Can't deny with that.

The weather was kinda fine, windy and sunny. Whereas the temperature was roughly around 23 to 27 degree, super comfy weather!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Girls day out

People who went outstation for studies would definitely understand the feeling of '放监'!
Of course especially for those who study in ulu places only! :c 

First outing with this bunch known as 543 family and I don't even know why lol
We had our night spend at Kebun Sultan the Chinatown.

The tourist pose with the must try Pork Satay!


Here comes our full table of dishes! Can you believe 9 of us actually had 14 rice.. 

The super big bowl of Tomyam. Not kidding it's double of my face!

And next we went to the opposite road to have some tiny desserts! It was a roadside stall selling various drinks and ice kacang. Operated by a few Malays! 
Had Ice kacang for RM2.50 and Cendol for 1.50 only!
The Cendol was surprisingly good! Almost taste the same as Penang's. 
Wasn't too sure about the taste of the Ice kacang because I couldn't take peanut arghh. #lifesuckswhenyoucouldnottakepeanut 
Will definitely take a second visit to this stall for another awesome hunt.

A group selfie before leaving!





*Back to jungle*

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Creativity never ends

The throwback shutter speed photoshoot taken at Cameron Highland!